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Wendy Massa operates a multi-species farm with cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens, and horses raised naturally on pasture using sustainable farming practices.  My farm is truly a family operation.  Wendy personally take a hands-on role with every aspect of the business from breeding & raising, to customer-service, marketing & shipping.  Through selective breeding and careful range management, I am uniquely creating a group of animals that have become a healthy and sustainable alternative to factory farm practices. I did this for a love of the lifestyle, the outdoors, the animals, and to support my family's ancestral diet by producing quality natural meats that you just can’t find in a store.

My customers enjoy knowing that the Massa Ranches in rural Glenn County are active participants in numerous conservation efforts geared towards agricultural sustainability.  We are actively converting water wells to solar power, and working to provide additional habitat for wildlife.

From my family to yours; I look forward to sharing my healthy, flavorful, tender meats I'm sure you’ll enjoy!

~Wendy Massa


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