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Western US Shipping Rates:
Order Total:                    Shipping Charge:        
  Up to $75.00    $20.00
  $75 - $99   $15.00
  $100 - $299   $10.00
  $300 +   Free

How much freezer space will I need?

One cubic foot holds approximately 25 pounds of meat.

One - 1/8 Beef (approximately 35 pounds of meat) will fit in the average freezer depending on what else you are storing.

One - 1/4 Beef (approximately 75 - 80 pounds of meat) would likely fit in in the average side-by-side freezer portion of your fridge as long as your other items were minimal.  The small cube chest freezers are a great size option for a 1/4 beef.

One - 1/2 Beef (approximately 155 - 160 pounds of meat) we recommend a 7.5 cubic foot chest freezer.

One - Whole Beef (approximately 310 - 320 pounds of meat) we recommend a 14 cubic foot or larger chest freezer.


How long will the meat last in my freezer?

All of our meat is vacuumed packed after processing for maximum shelf life.  A general rule of thumb is 10-12 months for vacuum packed meat before the quality, taste, & tenderness will start to decline.


What is Dry Aging?

Dry aging is the process of hanging the beef prior to cutting it in a cold, moderately humid cooler, exposed to the air. This process results in some drying (and some weight reduction) but it concentrates the beef flavor and increases tenderness. Massa Natural Meats dry ages their beef for approximately 21 days!  Dry aged beef is rarely found in the stores, and few producers that do dry aging, do it for this length of time. Dry aging is exceptional, and is only done for some of the finest restaurants in the US.

Wet aged beef is what you typically find in most supermarkets. It is vacuum-sealed and “aged” in the packaging, usually in route from the processor to the grocery store! Some commercial brands even offer marinated meat in this form. Some tenderizing may occur during this process, but not very much.


How will my order be shipped?

We ship once a week on Mondays* to insure that your order has time to safely arrive on your doorstep the same week. Order cut off time is Monday night at midnight for the current shipping week. Your products will be shipped with enough gel ice to keep your items cold for two days.  Packages are shipped without a signature requirement. Buyer should make sure they are shipping to an address where the package will be received in person, opened immediately and products placed in the freezer or refrigerator. Massa Natural Meats is not responsible for packages left unattended and/or not received by a person.

*As a small family farm without employees once in a great while our shipping schedule will have to be adjusted to accommodate holidays or other rare conflicting schedule items.  If your order is absolutely critical on a certain date please drop us a call or email.  It's very very rare that the schedule has to be adjusted but it does happen a few times a year.

Do you need your shipment sent on a different day or need it quicker?  Just give us a call.  In most cases we are able to accommodate and make it work for you.

All of our meat ships frozen in an insulated container packed with enough gel ice to keep your meat cold during transit.  It is not uncommon for meat to sustain some thawing during transit, especially during the summer months.  If you meat arrives fully thawed and/or no longer cold please let us know and we will gladly refund or replace your order as long as it was received in person and unpacked immediately.  We are not responsible for orders allowed to sit on a porch.  Refunds are at the discretion of Massa Natural Meats.

Western US:  Shipping is a flat rate charge based on order total. These shipping rates will only appear to you if you're with in our flat rate zone.  I'm continuing to work with our shipping providers to expand this offering to additional states.  As I'm able to add new states, customers in those states will see these flat rates on their check-out.  If it doesn't appear for you, bare with me I'm continuously searching for ways to offer more affordable shipping.

Western US Shipping Rates:

Order Total:            Shipping Charge:  
  Up to $75.00    $20.00
  $75 - $99   $15.00
  $100 - $299   $10.00
  $300 +   Free


Give us a call or drop us an email, we are happy to give you a quote and discuss your options for any shipment.

Eastern US:  If the website is quoting you an excessively high shipping rate, drop me an email.  All shipping rates come from a direct interface with the major shipping companies however sometimes I'm able to manually find a more attractive option; not always, but I'm happy to try.


Tell me about the processing of your meat.


USDA requires that all meat sold in the US be slaughtered and processed at a USDA approved facility (on ranch slaughter is not permitted by USDA when the meat is to be sold).  There are only a few facilities in California that do both in one location and even fewer who will work with small farms.  We are very lucky to have several facilities within close proximity to our farm.  Many farmers & ranchers aren’t as lucky and they have to drive their animals sometimes hundreds of miles to such a facility.

We deliver the animals to the abattoir where they are inspected live by a USDA veterinarian prior to slaughter to verify their health.  Then again the carcass is inspected by a USDA veterinarian prior to being processed.  This ensures that you are only purchasing safe, quality meat.

We work with small abattoirs that run extremely clean, and very well managed facilites.  The animals are treated with respect and calmness and the focus is on quality.  They hang and dry age each beef at least 21 days, which helps to ensure robust flavor and tenderness. The meat is carefully trimmed of excess external fat and hand-cut to our specifications.  It is then vacuum-sealed and frozen creating the meat you enjoy from us.


Are your cattle & lambs fed grain? Are they grain finished?

No!  Not at any point in our cattle or lambs' life are they fed grain or any other unnatural feed.  They are born and raised on pasture.  They remain on pasture until the day they go to butcher.  If at anytime we experience low grass-growth in our pastures then they are supplemented with hay to ensure they have the daily nutrition they need for optimal health.


What are your hogs fed?  How are they raised?

Our heritage bred hogs are completely pastured raised and live out in open spaces 365 days of the year.  They have shelters and trees to provide shade and protection from the elements.  They are never confined indoors or in small areas.  We provide them with water to build wallows, which they thoroughly enjoy.  Our sows are allowed to build nests and farrow where they desire.  They are NEVER confined to farrowing crates or kept on concrete.  We do NOT clip teeth or dock tails.  Their diet is primarily pasture grass & hay, and they are also given a supplemental grain ration that is corn, soy and GMO free.  Grain, nuts, seeds, grasses, roots, tubers and natural sources of protein are all normal components of a hog's omnivorous diet.  


How are your chickens raised?

We raise Cornish-cross chickens, which are the same breed of chicken you will find in most grocery stores, though this is where the similarities end.  Our chickens arrive at our farm from a local hatchery as day-old chicks and are started in a very large brooder where they remain for the first couple of weeks to keep them safe from small predators.  As soon as they are big enough to leave the safety of the brooder, they are moved onto either our pastures or into to our orchard (depending on the time of year), where they have continual access to green grass, lots of bugs, and all they room they want to scratch around and be chickens.  They are protected from larger predators by electric netting, not to keep them contained but to keep them safe.  They have a house to go into for shelter but are not confined.  In addition to their forage diet, from day one they are given free-choice organic feed that is free of corn, soy, and GMO's.  This creates truly some of the best tasting most flavorful, healthy meat you've every had.  Our moist, juicy, tender, flavorful chicken is a true delicacy.


Have your animals been given antibiotics or hormones?

At no point do we administer routine antibiotics or hormones.  Our cattle, hogs, sheep and chickens are not fed medicated feeds or water. 


Is your meat GMO?

No!  GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism.  None of the animals we raise are genetically modified mammals.  In fact our hogs and our turkeys are both heritage breeds.  The most commonly found GMO crops right now are grains, with corn & soybeans being two of the most common.  Being that all of our cattle & lambs are 100% grass-fed their diets are free of any GMO.

Our pasture raised hogs and chickens are fed a diet that includes supplemental grain ration.  The ration mix is GMO free.


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