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Grass-Fed Beef

Cattle GrazingOur cattle are pasture raised and 100% grass-fed from start to finish.  During the winter and spring months, our cattle enjoy roaming acres of sustainably managed rangeland in the fertile Northern California foothills.  During the warmer summer and fall months, the cattle are moved into the valley where they spend their days munching on lush green irrigated pastures.  Our grass-fed cattle are never confined to the concrete runways of a feedlot, nor are they ever fed corn, grain, or any other unnatural feeds.  We offer direct from the pasture to your table, all natural, hormone and antibiotic free, 100% grass-fed beef.

Massa Natural Meats are USDA-inspected for health and safety.

Beef is available throughout the year.  We are a small family-run operation and to ensure top quality and freshness, we butcher only a handful of animals each month.  What this means to you is the utmost in quality, flavor & freshness.  Our grass-fed beef is allowed to dry age in our processor’s meat locker for a full 21-days prior to being cut, vacuum-sealed, and frozen.  A full 21-day hang creates a top quality flavor that is more tender and flavorful than anything you will find in the grocery store.

Our meat is available in by the individual cut, and eighth, quarter, half, or whole beef packages.


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