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At Massa Natural Meats we are very pleased to be able to accommodate the needs of fine restaurants and high-end butcher shops.  We currently offer wholesale options for our heritage hogs, poultry, and a handful of lambs are available seasonally too.

We raise three breeds of purebred, registered heritage hogs: Large Black Hog, Berkshire, and Mulefoot.  All of our hogs are born and raised on our family farm in Northern California.  They spend their entire lives on pasture eating green grass; enjoying mud wallows and living the way pigs do naturally.   In addition to irrigated pasture grass, they are fed a supplemental diet of seasonal local agriculture products primarily composed of nuts, seeds, and whey.  Our hogs are never fed any corn, soy, GMO’s, growth hormones, stimulants, or routine antibiotics.  Their diet coupled with rare heritage breeding creates an exceptional quality, healthy, tender, richly colored pork with a flavor that is incomparable to anything else that’s on the market.  It’s a true delicacy that is second to none.

We welcome you to visit our farm to see first hand how our animals are raised.  The opportunity to talk with you further is most welcome, if you feel our pasture-raised meats are something that may be a fit for your restaurant.

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